Work-Life Balance

Today is your holiday and you want to enjoy it with your family. Everything is planned well in advance, the whole family is very excited and when you get in the car you get a call from the office that there is something urgent to take care of. So you have no choice but to just deal with the problem. Meanwhile, the family is sitting in the car waiting for you. By the time you solve an office problem, the whole family waiting for you is upset. Your family travel plans are going to be a toss. This is a situation that many corporate employees often face. Therefore, it is important to balance work life with family life. The balance between the two is called work-life balance.

The importance of work-life balance

Work – life balance is the ability to manage your work and personal responsibilities without compromising your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

How you’ll do it

  • Set clear boundaries: It’s important to set limits on work and personal time, so that you can give both equal and fair time without compromising your personal time.
  • Recharge regularly: Take regular breaks to recharge and refocus your mind.
  • Reassess your priorities: Prioritize your values ​​by focusing on work and personal goals.
  • Learn to say “NO” : avoid wasting your own time , and taking on too much of the work.
  • Connect: Make family, friends, and co-workers who will help you manage work and personal responsibilities.
  • Self – care: Invest some of your time by engaging in activities such as exercise and meditation.
  • Use your mind: Stop worrying about your job or the future, and live in the present moment.

    Achieving a better work-personal balance by changing these strategies will increase productivity, improve overall well-being and strike a healthy balance for stress-free living.
Jyotsna Singh
Jyotsna Singh
She is an entrepreneur associated with various NGO's. She is a motivational speaker, writer and a counselor.

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