What you can learn from a Unicorn?


Unicorn may be a mythological creature but we as individuals can lean a lot from them. The abilities that they portray are highly useful for any business setup. So, let us discuss what one can learn from a Unicorn?

  1. Life is full of colors. Even though your canvass is white, you can always paint your crown. It also represents that each of us has to go through various stages of life. Each color and each situation has its own identity and significance.
  2. Unicorns are wild, forest-dwelling animals yet they can only be trained by the innocent. So, by carrying the sword of truth, wisdom and love, one can attain the highest unachievable point.
  3. They symbolize chastity and divine power. They can neutralize poisons. Same applies to humans. With the help of divine belief system, one can neutralize the negative thoughts and impressions. The positive vibes will then start to pour from your face.
  4. They represent strength, chivalry and nobility at the same time. So, the qualities of courage and honor can go along with your noble thoughts and kindness. “Strength” is not and should not be a negative connotation for any person. Valour combined with politeness can make you achieve great heights.
  5. In modern legends, it is represents fantasy and dreams. It inspires an individual to dream big, work hard and achieve big. Merely day dreaming is not sufficient but it has to be coupled with best efforts.

It is already seen that ancient scriptures depicted truth prevalent in that society. These imaginary creatures (as they seem to be) also depict the metaphor of life. Hence, there is no single interpretation but a chain of the same that they can depict.



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