Value of Interpersonal skills in your Career

Interpersonal skills
Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are required to effectively communicate, interact, work with individuals and groups. Most of our daily activities require interaction with other people, it is required to be efficient and getting along with others in order to have a successful career.

Interpersonal skills can be used in:
*Team building
*Trust building
*Listening or networking
*Flexible or matching with innovations.

Some important interpersonal skills required to have a successful career are-

  1. Practice- Before going for meeting or any dealing just practice once, so you feel confident in your conversation.
  2. Be interactive- Being enthusiastic and interactive in your work makes you flexible worker and trustworthy.
  3. Don’t be nervous- Show an image of being confident and approachable.
  4. Patience- This comes from practice, it doesn’t matter how much failure you have faced the important thing is how much patience you have shown.
  5. Friendly- A friendly nature makes you more comfortable in your work space, this skill make you a happy worker and makes you valuable Teammate.
  6. Active listening- Listen oftenly so you can improve your skills..(i hope you remember in my previous blog I told the theory of 2 ears one mouth).
  7. Body language- Gestures or the way you carry yourself plays a very important role in your work.

So these are some basic interpersonal skills which are required to be a good leader and feel motivated and responsible.


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