Time management or Self Management ?

Self-management rules
Self-management rules

It’s a tough question to answer, but the answer lies in this question ‘Can we manage time’? and if the answer is ‘yes’ then why we can’t travel in Time?

So to my mind, as I have mentioned in my book 7 Rituals to win forever, that Time Management is biggest lie of this century.

We can never manage Time, but what we can do, we can manage ourselves.

So, I would love to answer the question “Time management of Self Management” as Self management, as we can’t manage Time, but we can manage ourselves.

So how to manage self, I am giving some clues:

1. Take note of Time:

Take a note of Time and assess in advance that how much Time you require to complete your tasks of the day and prepare a plan and manage yourself to fit into that schedule.

2. Take a correct note of your Busy ‘ness’:

One can’t be busy whole day and night, so assess at what tasks you remain fail to manage yourself, take a serious note of it and try not to ill-manage, keep self-management rules in your mind, always have your scheduler with you and you must obey the tasks and deadlines.

3. Execute the structure:

Key to self-management lies in to the successful execution of the plans you have made, so make action plan to manage yourself into the best possible manner as per tasks and keep your eye on execution as per you have structured your day.


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