Start small business but take care of these points

Start Small Business
Start Small Business

It’s always good to be your own boss and serve society in your own way. This Idea has given birth to crores of Entrepreneurs and startups.

Some scaled up at a very fast pace and some couldn’t. What does it take to be a successful Entrepreneur and to Establish, Run, Maintain and Grow the startup you have started?

I would recommend these three steps when you are in the process of starting up.

1. Buy a Journal and start writing your every idea date-day-wise, write all the details you have researched in the process, and try to make a flowchart of your Idea, and the processes involved at different stages. Keep everything written as it will help you a lot while deciding the mode of your business entity. If you have to go to a professional, you will have everything handy in your journal, so you could have a fruitful discussion every time.

2. Reserve a time slot to identify the resources you need, these could be money, manpower, equipment, infrastructure, finding the best location and it may be even finding the best broadband.

3. You will have to give time to the process, processes are not built overnight, they take time, and this phase may be messy, challenging, and pose trouble sometimes but, you keep faith in yourself and in the power of process, once the process is built, you will reap the benefits of Growing and Scaling up.  

FCS Anupam Jaiswal


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