Social Networking Netiquette

Social networking etiquettes

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc., are some popular social networking websites where your personal information is visible to all types of personalities that may be genuine or fake. Hence, it becomes quite important to be extra careful while disclosing your personal information on these sites.
Some social networking netiquette are-

  • Friend request: Always check the users profile before responding to the friend’s request. You never know who misuses your personal information to embarrass you.
  • Apply Privacy Feature: While using social networking websites ensure that your personal information is not displayed publicly rather a particular set of people you require do have the access to your profile. you can use the privacy setting as per your requirements to avoid an unacceptable access to your profile status.
  • Avoid posting pictures of others: You should not upload pictures of others on social websites without their permission.
  • Stop trolling or comment wisely: Never promote anything that is biased or offends an individual or community’s dignity.
  • Report Abuse: Always report if someone harasses or threatens you on the website.


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