Sales communication


An effective communication is crucial to sales success.
If communication is business to business or B2B then it is very important to understand the needs of others and then convey your message accordingly and let him understand the VALUE of what you say, FEATURES of product, PRICING of product etc. to their need, same will happen in sales to customer.

In sales communication we can use TRIAL BASE COMMUNICATION it means when buyer tell you what he needs according to that you will tell him so that his/her needs can be satisfied.

*Prefer there style and then plan your strategy suitably.

*Add some benefits that he needs, so that he feels that he had to take that thing and the deal can be done.

*Think by keeping yourself at the buyer’s place and then work on skills to ensure that a correct communication goes to the buyer.

Some helpful points in sales communication are:

  1. Pay Full attention to buyers needs as you can miss the details, should be prepared to answer all his queries it is obvious not paying attention no way to treat buyers.
  2. Use theory of 2 ears one mouth which means active listening is important, if not then your whole conversation will be of no meaning, confirm that you heard correctly interpret the same rightly, you can also add some relevant follow up questions to clarify your understanding.
  3. Body language is an important element in sales communication here your gestures, eye contact, language used all matters.
  4. Impression is your voice it means the voice tone, speed, volume used should be clear here word choice also matters.
  5. Connect yourself with buyer, it’s not necessary that you should be ready in all demands which buyer kept but connecting yourself with their prospects is important.
  6. Expertise is required it means first you should be clear on what you are selling and what are you talking about, must be expert in your field.
  7. Building trust and acting in genuine way and having good intent is necessary for sales communication.

Sales communication is a tough skill but making yourself prepare beforehand can be helpful.


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