Power of color Psychology


Welcome to the world of color psychology in branding.

Are you aware that different colors impact human behavior and emotions? Colors used in branding can have a powerful impact on how we look at a brand or product. How different shades of color can shape brand identity and consumer perceptions.

To understand more about colors and human relation. We will have to understand color psychology. Color psychology is the studies of how colors affect human behavior and emotion, influencing, perception, mood and decision-making in various aspects of life.

How colors influence us?

  • Yellow color:- is often associated with happiness and warmth yellow color radiates positivity and optimism. It creates a cheerful and inviting atmosphere, attracting customers with a friendly vibe like McDonald’s.
  • Red color:- radiates boldness and excitement. Red is the color of passion and energy. Brands like coca – cola use red it evokes excitement in urgency, grabs attention and stimulate need for action.
  • Green color:- green stands nature and sustainability it’s used by eco-friendly brands like Starbucks. It communicates that they are aware of environmental responsibility and are conscious consumers.
  • Blue color:- radiates reliability, trust brands like IBM and Facebook use it, It gives a sense of security, stability and trust in the brand.
  • Purple color:- This color shows luxury and creativity brand like Cadbury and Hallmark uses this color as it conveys sophistication and imagination. Thus elevating the value and exclusivity of the brands.
  • Black color:- symbolizes power, elegance and mystery. Its a style statement. Lot of expensive cars are in black color .
  • White color:- signifies cleanliness, modern style, most of the health care companies uses it.

Therefore psychology of color is a powerful tool in branding and marketing as it explores how different hues can evoke specific feelings, thought and reaction in people. So next time if you spot a vibrant logo or packaging, remember- It’s not just a color its a message that its trying to convey.



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