People management: The Jack Welch’s way

People Management the Jack Welch Way
People Management the Jack Welch Way

Leaders put people before numbers, According to Jack Welch, former CEO of GE
The people management comes from the practices which involve the answers of these questions:
Q1. How to evaluate people,
Q2. How to deal with people, who need improvement,
Q3. How to build great teams,
Q4. How to excite them,
Q5. How to give them vision

Ask while hiring “Join for being happy but be ready to leave” and at the same time prepare management to create an atmosphere that encourages the employees not to leave.
GE’s approach towards “Men” makes it clear that men are the most vital resource for them and of utmost importance. Credit acceptance on the one hand says PRIDE, but they also project them as stable company, with proven track record, a great place to work where employees can make a difference, great pay on the other hand.

Suggest that while they focus on PRIDE while hiring, they also manage their men with best management practices.
Their participation in management, innovation, rewards, culture, secure career with a chance to get promoted.
GE’s Welch looks more concerned about evaluation of their men, dealing with them, building teams, vision, mission, value, excitement. He says that put men before numbers.

People are full of emotions, dreams, desires, creativity, innovation, they want to contribute what all is required is to give them what they want and get what organization wants in turn and its nothing less than “EXCELLENCE”.

GE’s inception is in invention it was a result of merger of AC & DC., GE better knows that hoe to manage its men. GE established a Pension trust in 1923 proves that its concern about its Men. Welch’s statement:

“to create an atmosphere, which encourages people be associated with it, and not to leave the organization.”

Jack Welch

Establishes that base of GE’s Success is People.


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