Natural disasters are the events that result from the natural process of the earth these events are outside the control of the humans. There are four elements of emergency disaster management namely Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Prevention (PRRP).
However natural disasters do not come frequently but in today’s scenario we can see that earthquakes are very frequent. As we know that earthquake is a sudden violent shaking of the ground. The accurate forecast of an earthquake is still not possible.

Some possible precautions for earthquakes that can be taken before and after the occurrence of the earthquake:

  1. Buildings should be constructed according to the laws laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards.
  2. If you feel the slightest shaking the best way is drop, cover and hold.
  3. People should be educated about the preparedness measures.
  4. Do not sit inside the car or any vehicle, sit on the ground.
  5. Community preparedness is vital for minimising earthquake impact.
  6. If you are outdoors stay away from buildings, trees, signboard etc.
  7. If you are in a stadium or any other hall or ground, do not panic. Stay inside and do not create a stampede.
  8. You should always leave your home or office building and move to an open area.

Earthquakes may cause immense damage so taking precautions can help in less casualties.


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