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Ministry of Corporate Affairs Website

With the advancement in technology and also to take steps towards maintaining ecological balance through paperless economy, the website of MCA 21was launched way back in 2006. Since then, various changes have been done on the website and currently the ministry is working on Version 3.

To brief, MCA 21 is the online portal of Ministry of Corporate Affairs wherein all company and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) related information are filed electronically and also the same is available for inspection by general public.

Few highlights of the portal related to digital signature registration, filings and inspection are mentioned herein. Hope this would assist the readers in getting practical exposure of the website.

  • The link for website is
  • Every director of company or partner of LLP or professionals like CA/CS/CMA/Lawyer have to make their profile by clicking on ‘Sign In/Sign Up’ button.
  • Currently, two versions of MCA i.e. MCA V2 and V3 are active. Few forms are filed on V2 while others on V3 hence it is important to make profile on both.
  • If the Directors Identification Number (DIN) is yet not allotted, then one has to register first as registered user and then change the profile to business user. DIN Number is also to be updated thereafter in the profile.
  • For registration of Digital Signature on MCA V2 portal, one has to click on MCA Services, then DSC Services, the Associate DSC. Thereafter, select the requisite designation, enter credentials and proceed. On the other hand, for MCA V3 dsc registration, one has to hover the cursor on MCA Services, then FO Services and then Associate dsc. It is better to use Microsoft Edge browser for dsc registration and updation. One important point to note here is that for V2, login is not be done but for V3, login is required, thereafter two separate otps would be send on email and mobile. Once otp authentication is done then only dsc gets registered.
  • MCA is moving towards Version 3 only, hence it is expected that the forms such as Form MGT-7, AOC-4, MSME, BEN-2, CSR-1, CSR-2 etc. that are currently available under V2 will also be moved to V3.
  • The website also has option of troubleshooting. One can raise a complaint through – MCA Services- Complaints- Create Service Related Complaint. If possible, then one should attach the screenshot of issue for speedy resolution. The complaints can also be tracked by ‘Track Service Related Complaint’ feature.
  • In order to view documents filed by other companies/LLPs, one has to pay fee of Rs. 100/- through V2 version. For this purpose, click on MCA Services, then Document Related Services and then View Public Documents. Company name or CIN has to be inserted and payment be done.

There are many other features of the website that we may discuss in detail later. The above given is such a brief overview.



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