Kleptomania : The irresistible urge


kleptomania: is a mental health or impulse control disorder, that results in an irresistible, repeated urge to steal. The value of stolen items are of little value, and most of the items are of no use to them .It is not that they can not afford to buy, they can buy ,but stealing gives them the feel good factor.

People suffering from Kleptomania cannot resist the temptation of stealing. This temptation can spark at anytime and at any place like malls, shops, stores . Though at that moment the person is powerless in front of his urge to steal , before stealing the person is very tensed and once he achieves his objectives he tends to get pleasure and relief. Once this emotion fades , feeling of regret, shame and guilt creeps in. The stolen items are either thrown away or donated , only in very few cases the stolen items are returned or paid.

CAUSES: Unknown

What causes Kleptomania is not known yet. But it is a very rare condition, effecting young, old ,ladies and gents alike. The victims are mostly women. It can be in family history , or due to any other impulse control disorder.

Kleptomania victims have other health issues too, like anxiety ,depression, addiction disorders, eating disorders, they are also prone to self harm and suicide.


There is no cure for this medical condition. If the stealing does not stops . Urgent medical advice is needed. The only cure is having control over yourself and resisting the urge to steal. Prescribed medication should only be taken. Therapy visits are important they help in managing this condition.

Kleptomania is a mental health condition like anxiety , depression, or obsessive compulsive disorder. It is not dangerous, but it can seriously effect the life of the person, or he can face legal problem if caught stealing .This is a lifelong condition , it can only be controlled as there is no cure.


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