Importance of Behaviour at work place


Employees behaviour refers to the way in which employees respond to specific circumstances or situations in the workplace.

Why behaviour is important in the workplace?

1.Proper conduct is important for interacting with other employees.

2.Proper behaviour between employees for a pleasant work environment.

3.Negative impact of yours then work will suffer.

Good behaviour at workplace includes:

*Adaptable in the work environment.

*Brave enough to take responsibility.

*Shows confidence at work.

*Co-operative with other fellows

*Graceful enough to tackle any unpleasant situations.

*Determined in his role or position.

*Self assured means motivated and enthusiastic.

*Trustful with strong ethics and positive attitude.

While Bad behaviour is totally unacceptable at workplace:

*Offensive behaviour makes you unadaptable with work environment.

*Don’t belittle your colleagues and make issues of small things that will make your image tarnished.

*Abusive and threatening behaviour should be avoided.

*Do not carry ego at workplace.

*Do not hesitate to upgrade yourself.

So keeping all good and bad points in your mind will make you an asset of your company and you will be a good example for others.


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