Entrepreneur burnout: Overcome with these easy steps

What is entrepreneur burnout

We all are quite familiar with the term burnout but what is entrepreneur burnout? If you are an employee, job dissatisfaction, poor decision making or workload, may be the key reasons but in case of an entrepreneur, reasons may be different from those the above cited.

In this article I will discuss the three key indicators of entrepreneur burnout and solutions.

What is entrepreneur burnout?

The term was coined in 1970 by American psychologist, Herbert Freudenberger. He used it to describe the consequences of severe stress and high ideals in ‘helping’ professions.” So if we take this definition, we can reach that the entrepreneur burnout is being overwhelmed in the business and consequential severe stress that snatches peace, rest, focus and leaves one blank, tired and exhausted without having any clue that what to do next or what to do at all.

The clues or indicators are:

As per WHO

These three Indicators may be:

  1.  Feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion.
  1. Mental distance from job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one’s job.
  1. Reduced professional efficacy.
  1. I am adding one more here which is, poor performance

The main reasons for this may include:

Deniel of self-care: The topmost reason of entrepreneur burnout, denial of self-care and neglecting basic needs.

Obsessive passionate for business: Entrepreneur become Obsessively passionate towards their ideas and start devoting all of their time toward their business, and all this is for some reasons which may include, social status, business success and make money, and it keeps them under constant pressure.

Multitasking: One of the main reasons for entrepreneur burnout, most of the entrepreneur have to multitask in the initial stage due to lack of efficient and trusted team, expertise required by the task, business acumen required, economic factor and some other factors as well. So it doesn’t allow the entrepreneur to take proper rest and poses a threat to perform at any cost, this leads to easy burnout.

Possible solutions:

  • Flexible mindset: develop a flexible mindset, let you take some escape room, plan in some different way if something planned is not working, be ready to adapt change. Carry a positive outlook.
  • Start Journaling: Start writing journals, it may help you introspect yourself and will keep you organize and on track.
  • Meditate: Solitude and meditation is the best remedy to get back into normal life, start practicing meditation, solitude, and take work as work not as life.
  • Learn & Practice Hour tight compartment method: Plan your day hour wise, prepare Work hour blocks say, two hours block, one and half an hour blocks and fine time to relax, and rest in between two blocks.
  • Learn to say no: Learn to say no which is not important for you, in business, don’t indulge in a task which is not yours, learn prioritization and I will suggest learn and practice Eisenhower matrix for you tasks.
  • Learn to delegate: Learn to delegate, if you can master this skill, you may never become a victim of burnout.
  • Eat and exercise well: The last suggestion of this article, is eat well exercise well and spend quality time with family and friends, take frequent breaks from work to enjoy all the aspects of life.

Hope this article will help you in overcoming your burnout.


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