How to manage Corporate Stress? – Part 2

Burst the Stress
Burst the Stress

In the previous part of this Article, we discussed on how an employee can manage Corporate Stress. Detailed analysis on steps that he/she can take to improve their performance and work stress were discussed. In continuation of the same, herein we will focus on management of stress by entrepreneur/owner of the organization. On one hand, they have to outperform competitors and on the other, they also have to be lenient enough towards employees and get the work done on time. This balance sometimes becomes so difficult to maintain that big business owners have even committed suicide out of depression. Wrong media publicity acts as another big hurdle that they face. So, following are the keys for them:

  • Keeping an eye on the competitors is very important but a belief system that not all organizations are same, should also be formed.
  • Pressurising employees too much to act like machines would only exaggerate the problem rather than getting the work done. So, only possible achievable targets should be set.
  • Timely compliance with law is very important. Sometimes, penalties due to inadvertent errors may extend in lacs so a dedicated system for the same be there.
  • Empathy and team work is the key. The more employees feel connected with the work environment, the better they would work. Right balance between employees’ experience and remuneration be there.
  • Strategy and plan for next 2 years including step by step process should be made in advance. This will ensure that nothing planned in missed out.
  • Mindfulness is the most critical key. Because the people who run businesses are obviously individuals, their mental health also needs proper focus. Regular yoga and meditation should be done.

All said and done, of course the above list is not exhaustive. There are numerous ways to manage stress which differ from person to person.  However, one thing that is most important is recognizing that one is suffering from stress.


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