How to manage Corporate Stress? – Part 1

Burst the Stress
Burst the Stress

Stress of any kind is very harmful to body and mind. It is even seen that teenagers who stay in stress for long time are unable to manage their lifestyle when they grow up. In fact, it has even led to their under development.

So, these children when join the corporate culture are prone to even more stress. They may even get habitual to wrong habits such as smoking. Same applies to those people who may not have faced stress in childhood but face a lot of work pressure. So everyone today is trying to find the answer on how to manage this individual level corporate stress. Here are few keys that one can opt for:

  • Daily meditation for at least 10 minutes, thereafter extending this time period to up to 30 minutes gradually. One is not required to do very intense mindfulness practices but just simply sitting in silence is sufficient. Observing one’s thoughts and letting them go is the key.
  • Breaking the tasks in simple timeline. It can be done in the exact way in which one used to manage the examination stress during adolescence.
  • Making an achievable and proper schedule of the day and sticking to it. This is done to maintain work life balance which will in turn reduce stress level.
  • Practicing gratitude daily. Thanking the God that one has ability to work and is getting work is very important. One must always remember that there are so many people in under developed countries wherein people are ready to do any work for any payment but are unable to get the same.
  • Learning smarter and technologically advanced ways to do the job.
  • Open discussion with seniors on one’s stress level. If senior is unavailable then one can discuss with peers. This will enhance empathy level in work culture which will again help in bursting out the stress.

There are so many other ways too which may differ from person to person. So, enjoying life and trying to stay happy in all situations is critical to this. One must always remember that everything is temporary.

In the next part of this Article, we will discuss on how an entrepreneur can manage his organizations’/business’ stress.


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