How can you protect Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)?


IPR protection in this new age of technology is crucial to business growth. Various kinds of IPRs are Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Geographical Indication (GI) etc. The procedure for registration application, types of objections of all is different so it is better to take some professional advice before moving ahead.  

Amongst all of them, Trademark protection is applied by businesses to protect their brand name. The brand name can be of any product, company’s name, any tag line, logo, combination of colors or a mixture of all. First of all an exhaustive research on whether the mark is at all available or not is done. The application form also asks whether the mark has already been in use or is proposed to be used. The application can be filed on the website

On the other hand, Copyright is for protection of artistic and literary works. The application can be filed on website

Patents are for new inventions, For patent protection, one can visit the website

Geographical Indication refers to specialty of geography of an area. For example Darjeeling tea, Chanderi Sarees, Mysore silk. It is not specific to an organization but is beneficial for the whole industry of the area. GI can be filed physically. The detailed process is available on the website  


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