How Artificial Intelligence can help in Environment Protection?

Environment Protection
Environment Protection

It is said that our climate is changing very rapidly. In fact it is getting warmed each day at a speed which is much higher than the benchmark. It is even estimated that if Global Warming keeps happening at the same pace then there is 50% chance of reaching 1.5 degrees Celsius hotter in a span of 6 years only. In order to find out various ways to curb the level of global warming, various International Organizations, Industrial Forums, Environment Protection Forums, NGOs are working hard.

In this sequence, World Economic Forum has recently held discussion on how the Earth Observation (EO) Data can generate over $3 trillion in cumulative economic benefits globally by 2030.

(EO data is derived from satellites and other platforms to get information about earth’s systems and changes therein. It uses Artificial Intelligence software to get this data.)

The report of World Economic Forum titled “Amplifying the Global Value of Earth Observation.”

“Earth observation is a vital component of the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” said Jeremy Jurgens, Managing Director and Head of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution at the World Economic Forum. “It converges with artificial intelligence, digital twins and climate technology to offer a powerful toolset for economic prosperity and sustainable growth.”

It is a new ray of hope that can further be worked upon. A lot of research has to be done from this starting point.


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