Global Skills Forum

Global Skills Forum
Global Skills Forum

In this growing era of Artificial Intelligence, innate or developed skills can only make them sail. We already know that in next decade, many human done jobs would be replaced by AI, so of course it is a matter of concern for International Labor Organization as well.

With the increasing population and decreasing number of jobs, there is high risk of unemployment and consequently poverty. So, ILO has been working towards its goal of saving the labor/employees with full dedication by taking huge steps.

In this direction, ILO in collaboration with European Commission has organized Global Skills Forum on April 23 and 24 in Geneva. In this forum, various Ministry representatives, international organizations, social welfare organizations etc. participated. The participation was open to all individuals as well throughout the world.

The discussions were held on various measures that can be taken for:

  •  providing skill based learning,
  •  good apprenticeship to students,
  • on the job learning
  • Training to employees all over the world to use digital means.

If an organization like ILO has to organize such a forum for the benefit worldwide employees, then one can imagine, how big the risk of losing jobs is.

So, if India has to really become a developed economy, then every person working has to contribute by keeping themselves updated with changing technology.


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