FAST TRACK COURT (FTC)-Swift access to justice

Fast track court
Fast track court

Fast Track Courts (FTCs) in India are indeed specialized courts established to expedite the trial process, especially for cases that have been pending for a long time. These courts are primarily aimed at reducing the backlog of cases and ensuring timely justice delivery. Let’s find out some more facts in this write up:

  1. One of the primary objectives of Fast Track Courts (FTCs) in India is to provide swift access to justice. By expediting the trial process and ensuring timely disposal of cases, FTCs aim to reduce the backlog of pending cases and address the issue of delayed justice.
  2. The main aim to established FTC India is providing speedy trial process to the cases related to the heinous nature, cases related to women’s children’s etc.
  3. The purpose of establishing these courts is to reduce the pending cases in various districts and subordinate courts.
  4. The 14-finance commission had recommended setting up 1800 FTC during 2015-20 dealing with various cases pending for more than 5 years.
  5. FTC in India have the highest case disposable rate and efficient in solving the case in the particular time.
  6. If you want your case to move on FTC you have to give an application to court for speedy trial and if a court allows and approves your application then the matter will be dealt on fast track basis.

However some disadvantages are also there as sometimes it can burden up advocates and judges to handle the case for such a short period of time and of course justice cannot be rushed.


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