Existence of God: a reality

Existence of God
Existence of God

The subject matter has varied views. Hence, first of all, let us discuss about different forms of belief in God which are as follows:

  • Immanent– Presence of God is felt nearby.
  • Omnipotent– It means that God is very powerful and he will take us out of all negative situations and circumstances.
  • Omnipresent– The believe that God is present everywhere.
  • Omnibenevolent– God is a good doer and good giver.
  • Omniscient– God knows everything.
  • Transcendent– It means that God is present somewhere outside our World.
  • Knowable– It focuses on the belief that although God remains outside our world, but we can still know him.
  • Unknowable– It means that we can never know God fully because he is outside our domain.
  • Monotheism– Believe in one God and that he has no forms.
  • Polytheism– Believe that there are many Gods and one can worship either one or all of them.

Apart from the above given, there are various other belief systems that are prevalent in different tribal societies. Many of them are still unknown.

Now let us deliberate upon the Existence of God in scientific sense.

Every non-living thing is made up of particles which keep moving, keep making combinations and sometimes even keep converting themselves to other forms. The energy that makes particles is God.

On the other hand, every living being has a soul inside, which is its energy. This energy makes body work and once this energy is gone, the body is gone. This universal energy is a particle of God.

Thirdly, as we know that are so many belief systems on existence of God so those belief systems themselves prove that there is God. Every such belief is made out of some backing which is thousands of years old so of course physical existence of God must have been felt.

If we talk in commercial sense, before starting any new business or venturing into new domain or taking decisions on expansion, often entrepreneurs rely on numerology and other astrological senses. Those who do not believe on them, still pray before starting a new venture or if we talk in micro sense, then before start of new financial year.

It is equally true that few right wings do not believe in any of the above concepts but then the question remains for them, how the energy, atoms and chemicals are formed at first?


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