Email Netiquette

Email is considered as the most common way of communication at the workplaces. Hence it is very important to know the following guidelines while using the email:

  1. Subject Line: Use precise and brief subject line, which carries the main idea and motive behind the email.
  2. Use Proper Salutations: Make sure your email includes a courteous greetings and closes with your name and signature.
  3. Concise Message: Try to be precise and non-repetitive while you draft an email. The message should be to the point and not deviate from the topic.
  4. Check the Spellings and Grammar: Make sure your message does not contain any spelling grammar or punctuation errors. Overlooking the basics of writing leaves a bad impression on the recipient’s mind.
  5. All Caps Lock: Never type your message in upper case as it indicates yelling, shouting and at the very least adding emphasis to the text you type.
  6. Auto Responders: Auto responders take temporary care of your emails while you are away from your computer it automatically can read the message on your behalf and save the time of the recipient (s) who could have called you repeatedly in your absence.
  7. Use of Bcc Feature: Make use of the Bcc message while sending messages to the multiple users.
  8. Check once more: Take a look before sending a message going through email carefully to avoid any mistakes.

So, keeping all these points you can send an email which will be free from any errors.

Saamra Rizvi
Saamra Rizvi
Saamra Rizvi is a Communication expert, and trainer. She is a CS, and Law graduate from Lucknow University. She is a speaker in ICSI (Institiute of Company secretary) . Given various soft skill session in Lucknow ITI. In the pandemic situation she also provided online skill session to various entities. She is also attached to a children educational institute and support children with her skills .

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