Biggest Data Security Risks

Data theft
Data Theft

Many companies invest in training employees in hope that a good educated workforce is aware of companies reputation consequences of data breach etc. but there is always an alarm situation that any malicious insider can steal or damage companies data.

The biggest data security risks are:

  1. PHISHING- This is a common form of social engineering, it looks like the messages from a trusted source but in actuality it is done by an attacker, if an employee somehow clicks a link and opens the attachment the hacker or attacker can see the device or gain access to the corporate network.
  2. RANSOMWARE: It should be the top priority in an organisation. In ransomware attack the victims computer is infected by malware that encrypts the confidential files or entire system to regain access of data or device, ransomware demands victim to pay a ransom. It can spread through attachment in email, infected websites etc.
  3. Data not secure properly: Security misconfiguration occurs when data not properly defined it does not comply with security standards. The misconfiguration is the biggest security threat in a cloud environment, it can cause revenue loss, regulatory fine, legal actions etc.
  4. Shadow IT: Use of third party software, application or internet services in an unauthorised way at a workplace is known as Shadow IT. Shadow IT however is very common because employees use application which are easier than company approved alternatives. In Shadow IT it’s become difficult to identify what data stored in unauthorised services. Sometimes weak security by third parties is also very dangerous and leads to theft and breach of data.
  5. Advance Persistent Threat (APT): it is an intruder which breach the data, targets the specific organisation it also attacks over a longer period of time they not only hack the system but monitor the network activity and steal data. Cybercriminals often use APT to attack government institutes, large corporations to steal valuable or strategic data.

So these are some common data threats faced by organisation .


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