“BHA : Introducing India’s New Shoe Size Measurement”


India or BHA , is set to change the way shoe sizes are measured in India. This new system will provide a more accurate and consistent way to determining shoe size. This will focus on the UK / Europe and US. replacing previous measurement standards.

  • So, why is the BHA getting attention in the footwear industry? Well, it promises to simplify the shoe buying experience for consumers across the country Consumers can expect greater clarity and accuracy when choosing shoes, reducing the risk of buying substandard shoes in the 19th century.
  • One of the main features of the BHA is its ability to adjust to the various foot shapes and sizes found in India. including elements from traditional Hindu measurement systems. BHA aims to cater to the unique needs of Indian consumers, ensuring quality and customization.
  • The introduction of BHA also has implications for manufacturers and retailers. With a standardized measurement system, they can better align their supply chain and inventory strategies to meet customer requirements. This can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty in the long run.

However, this project remains in the proposed scope. As with any new system, there are challenges and adjustments to be made in the transition to the BHA. It will be important for manufacturers, retailers and customers to become more aware and adapt to the new measurement standards. BHA represents a major revolution in the Indian footwear industry, simplifying the shoe sizing process and enhancing the shopping experience. This new measurement system will set a new standard in shoe size.


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