An entrepreneur in HR role

En entrepreneur in HR role
En entrepreneur in HR role

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task, as they have to handle and coordinate a multitude of tasks. They have to manage everything within their own resources, and I have noticed that very small business owners generally hesitate to hire HR staff. Instead, they engage other staff in multitasking or manage HR affairs themselves until they have the resources to hire HR staff. This practice may limit their potential and efforts on tasks that are not important or urgent. They must learn how to manage HR functions without losing their precious time. Here, I am suggesting some insights on how to do this:

  1. Learn the art of Prioritization

HR tasks need critical attentions, it may include the compliance with various legal aspects.

They should use Eisenhower matrix for prioritization. This may help them in focusing on the most important tasks while keeping a close eye on less important ones.

  • Education

Take advantage of online resources. Keep yourself educating with the latest trends and practices in-vouge as well. Gain the knowledge of best HR practices, and applicable laws so you can be more compliant and avoid fines and penalty costs.

  • Delegate wisely

Find time to master the art of delegation. Learn when to, how to and whom to delegate and when you delegate, delegate wisely.

Explain and make the objective very clear in the mind of delegate.

  • Build a Support Network

 Connect with other entrepreneurs, HR professionals, and experts in your field. Talk to them, learn from their experiences, and get advice. Joining groups or associations can be really helpful.

  • Stay Updated

Keep learning about any changes in the laws, rules, and trends related to employment. Make sure to review and update your HR policies and procedures regularly to stay on track with the best practices.

  • Empower Employees

Create an open and honest environment in your company. Encourage your employees to share their thoughts and ideas. Let them be part of the decision-making process when it comes to HR policies, benefits, and other important matters.

  • Continuous Improvement

 Keep checking how well your HR processes are working. Ask your employees and others involved for feedback. Use that feedback to make things better and solve any problems quickly.


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