Why Employees Resist Work? – Part 1

Human Psychology

Becoming an entrepreneur and being an entrepreneur are two different concepts.

As business goes through various phases, meaning of this word keeps changing and it becomes more practical oriented.

Out of four factors of production, labor is the most dynamic and challenging to handle. The other factors that is land and capital may vary as per entrepreneur’s (fourth factor’s) plans labor keeps evolving on its own as well. More so, it is only active component of team work, which is the crux of every business, howsoever big or small.

Therefore, skill is required to manage labor (or you can say employees in modern sense). Professionals are often hired to do this job. However, the questions still remain

Why do employees resist work?’

 ‘Why they have an un-liking towards their employers?’

‘Why do they hesitate speaking about their problems at workplace?’

Each employer has its own story, was of work, dealings, philosophies, journey but the grievance of employees of all types of industries is the same.

In a study, it was found that 60% Indian employees were happy with their employers amid Covid-19 crisis.

So, ‘What is that thing which creates positive impact of some employers over employees while other employers fail to achieve this position?’

The answer to this lies in human psychology.

We will be discussing about the same in detail in second part of this Article.



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