What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Human Evolution

As per the dictionary, ‘artificial intelligence’ is the study of the way in which computers can be made to copy the way humans think. So, let us discuss its meaning and examples for a layman.

The word ‘intelligence’ means the ability to understand, learn and think. Humans are creating this intelligence artificially which means we ourselves are developing, creating, and assembling such machines which have all the abilities on their own. A Bollywood movie that was lately released reflected the concept very well. However, AI is not only about a moving face or a human like body that is artificially designed, it is about much more than that. We have been using AI for many decades now without even realizing. Now-a-days it has become a hot topic because of the progress that it is making. When Sophia robot was first introduced in news channels, it lead to diverse analysis on benefits and disadvantages of AI. Some analysts are also of the opinion that AI will take over many jobs that are currently being done by humans and that is a fact too. As we all know that continuous evolution is the key to success, so those humans who keep evolving and updating themselves and those inculcating creativity would still survive but those who have yet not acquired any skill may fail in near future.

Now, let us discuss the current usage of AI in our daily lives. The treadmill at which you do exercise, the mobile phone on which you are taking calls, various social networking sites that you are using, the bulk messages that we often get, the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system used by Customer Care Department of various types of companies, especially mobile phones, the pre-recorded advertisement related calls and so on are all based on AI. So, we must ask ourselves – whether all these have hampered our life or made it easy? We all know that because we have learned to use them in proper way so they brought lot of ease to our lives.

Now, if we talk about future prospects of AI, it will be very beneficial for a country’s defense sector, for dangerous industries where so many laborers die due to inhalation of intoxicants, for those people who are facing life threatening diseases like depression, memory loss or even cancer. So, it is not AI that is to be blamed but it is our eagerness to change and evolve, to stay with the changing dynamics and also to keep oneself active by doing some physical activity daily. If we keep following the same old routine, then any change would only affect adversely.


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