Unlocking the Business Elegance of ZOHO- A Research-based Analysis

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ZOHO Corporation, a huge Success with no public money

What is ZOHO and what it does, and you might be interested in knowing that how ZOHO did, what ZOHO did?

ZOHO is an Indian tech company that provides, web-based business tools, software and solutions. It demonstrates its business elegance, through its online office suite, designed to streamline operations of all businesses of all sizes.

Let’s talk about ZOHO’s Business elegance:

Business structure and operations:

You may amaze that ZOHO is a private company, ZOHO says itself, is a private company with a public vision. Company says it doesn’t take money from investors as all other startups do, this approach has worked wonders for ZOHO, that it could become able to focus on what is best for the customers.

Because when you raise funds from public, you may have to work and take each and every decision to keep in mind the shareholders and stakeholder’s wealth maximization and derive short-term profits. But when you are not under this obligation, you may think for a long-term vision that ultimately is going to help overall organization and in turn, serving the customers and users in the best possible manner and with best tools and tech.

This approach lead ZOHO to have approx. 15000 employees and 100 millions of users around the World.

Privacy is supreme:

Even it’s free version of tools, ZOHO doesn’t let advertisers creep in, ZOHO says, “When you put customers before your profits, you end up with more of both”. Since the inception the management decided to not allow any advertise in their products, this keeps their user safe from third party data trackers, so to build a sense of confidence and trust.

Operating system for Business:

ZOHO corporation says, when you chose the services of ZOHO, you don’t get only a produce, software or just a suit but you get a complete operating system for your business. It offers a wide range of integrated business applications covering CRM, finance, HR, project management, collaboration and many more.

An innovation first company:

ZOHO corporation says, “ We take great pride in our ability to reinvent ourselves.”

Relentless innovation and serving customers and users with the best services, products, technology and tools creates a different sense of trusts. It shows that the organization is there to take care of each and every small development in the field to keep you first and updated, and this innovation it the main key that keeps ZOHO ahead of its competitors.

Let’s have a look at what Nicole France, Analyst VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, Inc., says about ZOHO:

 “More than just about any other company, Zoho really embodies and lives every day the values that it espouses. And that’s not something you see often.”

Phil Wainewright, AnalystCo-Founder of diginomica.com, sees ZOHO as:

“To be successful as a technology company, you’ve got to be able to stand apart from the crowd. You can’t be innovative unless you challenge the mainstream. And Zoho has certainly done that.”


ZOHO corporation, has pursued a phased strategy of growth, expanding its suits of products, market presence and penetration and customer base over years:

P1: Foundation Phase (1996-2005)

Bootstrapping and product development

P2: Expansion Phase (2005-2015)


Global market expansion, and


P3: Consolidation phase (2016-2020)

Integration and optimization

Vertical integration

Customer success

P4: Innovation and globalization phase (2021-onwards)

Continuous Innovation



Simplicity, affordability and customer centricity are the basic principles of ZOHO has been following throughout all the phases.

So, we can draw a conclusion from the above written piece of information that ZOHO Corporation shows its business elegance by delivering its Marvelous yet accessible solutions that empower every sized organizations to thrive in today’s competitive world.

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Anupam Jaiswal
Anupam Jaiswal
Anupam Jaiswal is a Certified professional, corporate trainer, motivational speaker and a business coach. He is the founder of Multiple ventures including AJ Leadership academy and Shrie Campus LLP. Anupam is having 20+ years of a rich experience of working with corporate, institutions and government bodies. He also acted as a CS and compliance office in a Mumbai based listed company and headed ICSI, Lucknow chapter as secretary and chairman. and now in whole time practice, and consultants to corporate including Success My Business.

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