Umbrella Branding – the new age value addition

Umbrella Branding
Umbrella Branding


 It is a marketing technique in which a company uses its same brand/logo/word for advertising and publicizing varied range of products. As the name says “umbrella” is a protective gear under which all the products survive. It is not a newly used technique but has been in usage since ages but it is widely recognized now, i.e. in the era of digital marketing. The company’s name may differ or be same as product’s brand name.


  1. Wide range of similar products can be sold together.
  2. Lesser expense on branding.
  3. Consumers often get attracted to another product of the same brand, if they are already using them. This increases sales of the company.
  4. Instead of getting different marks registered, one mark registration is sufficient. It would also reduce the compliance cost.
  5. The value addition is much higher than selling different products under different brands.


The brand name “Axe” used by Hindustan Unilever which has a range of similar products such as Axe deodrants, Axe Shampoos, Axe shower gels. Another example is the brand “Minimalist” which has become very popular lately.


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