Trigonometry of business

Trigonometry of business
Trigonometry of business

Well trigonometry is related to geometry but we will discuss it in terms of business:

1. T – (TALK) – Talking or sharing your ideas to others makes birth of new ideas, which helps in your business.

2. R- (RATIO)- Everything in business is give or take we can say ratio proportions are there so just calculate that whatever you are giving to business has a good ratio or we can say good return.

3. I – (INNOVATION)- New thinking and changing with the dynamic world is what business needs. So be innovative in your ideas.

4. G- (GROUP WORK)– Everyone knows nothing can be done single handedly so you need a group or a team members which is strong enough to tackle any difficult task.

5. N- (NEGOTIATION)- Negotiation in business means getting ahead in the workplace,  avoiding conflicts, as different people have different opinions or despite having opposite views it helps to save relations and creating value in business.

6. O -(OPERATION)- A good operating system makes good longevity of business and reduction in failure.

7. M- (MAINTENANCE)- Maintaining higher energy efficiency and organized strategic planning will reduce operating cost.

(Remember the O and M strategies in business)

8. E – (ELECTRONIC BUSINESS)– This model sustain itself and long term using information technology internet etc.

9. T- (TALENT, TECHNOLOGY)- They are important factors in business as they are more likely to have the path of successful business.

10. R – (RISK)- Business comes with the factors of risk, taking risk in business is common but being calculative helps in reducing uncertainties.

11. Y- (YIELD)- It is expected rate of return of an investment. It is a main letter of trigonometry of business at it shows how much income an investment generates.

So, this is Trigonometry of business which can help you to successfully manange your business.


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