Time Management

Time Management
Time Management

Time management is not about doing everything according to your alarm clock, it is all about managing your time efficiently and effectively. In today’s scenario many people are unsuccessful to manage time resourcefully.
Some effective points which may help you for managing time more ingeniously are:

  • The first and foremost thing is not wasting your time in useless things. For example: when we are on the internet or social media watching unnecessary content wastes so much precious time which we can’t even think but still we are unable to believe that this can be the best time to utilise in more creative or resourceful things.
  • Prioritize your work so that you can complete your important work earlier or you can maintain a diary in which you can mention your work and the deadline to complete it maintaining a diary is a good habit which makes you more punctual.
  • Don’t waste your time in job with do not provide you job or monetary satisfaction as it is important to move on and make yourself more clear about your mission because wasting time and waiting for a miracle to happen doesn’t work.
  • Follow the therapy of “2 ears and 1 mouth” as God has given you 2 ears to listen and one mouth to speak that means you have to listen more and speak less, listening saves your time while talking not.
  • Key to success is making a routine at a particular time and in particular order even if it’s your waking up time, dinner or lunch time etc. everything should be on particular order because without this you can’t manage your other work on time.
  • Be aware of laziness and excuses instead of it make yourself a hard worker, Its not how much time you have taken to complete the work but how much work is complete is important and that too in effective manner.
  • Lastly make time for yourself do what make you feel happy as making time for oneself makes you more productive.


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