Stamp Duty Rates

Stamp Duty Rates
Stamp Duty Rates

Indian Stamp Act, 1899 was last amended in 2000. Stamp Duty is a State subject, however Central Government fixes Stamp Duty rates for certain instruments. In this Article, we will discuss the latter part i.e. Central Government rates in a tabled form:

Debenture Issue0.005%
Transfer and Re-Issue of Debenture0.0001%
Issue of Security other than Debenture (such as Shares)0.005%
Issue of Security other than Debenture on Delivery Basis0.015%
Transfer of security other than debenture on non-delivery basis0.003%
Currency and Interest Rate Derivatives0.0001%
Other Derivatives0.002%
Government Securities0.00%
Repo on Corporate Bonds0.00001%

Widely asked question is about rate of stamp duty on transfer of shares. So, because most transfers involve delivery of shares, so it will be 0.015% only.

The percentage given above has to be applied on total consideration involved. There are various other documents such as Partnership Deed, Conveyance, Affidavit, Adoption Deed, Apprenticeship Deed, Bank Guarantee, Indemnity Bond, Lease in which case Stamp Duty differs from State to State hence respective State laws should be gone through.


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