Philosophy and Its Theory



“Philosophy” word in the dictionary means “a set of beliefs that tries to explain the meaning of life or give rules about how to behave”. So, what is the difference between philosophy and morals? While on one hand, the former gives idea about how to behave which may differ from person to person, the latter tells what is wrong and right.

There are many philosophical theories given by different philosophers based on their experiences, intellect and skill. On the other hand, morals are often the general idea which prevails all throughout, such as kidnapping someone is not morally correct. No normal person can ever refuse the fact of what is moral and what is immoral.


Let us discuss about major theories of philosophies as a subject:

  1. Existentialism- The meaning, purpose and value of human existence is studied.
  2. Determinism- It believes that there is no free will of any human and everything that occurs, happens automatically due to factors beyond human control.
  3. Nihilism- It is quite complex theory. It believes that everything in life is meaningless, even God also does not exist. So, there are neither any moral, nor physical facts.
  4. Ethical Egoism- It believes that an individual can do whatever is in their best interest.
  5. Correspondence Theory- It creates a relationship between thoughts on one hand and facts on the other.

The other theories that are widely recognized are Marxism, Metaphysics, Idealism and Utilitarianism. The subject is so large that detailed discussions keep taking place amongst countries depending upon current situations. Hence, in a world of fast pacing globalization, these age old concepts carry very much significance.


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