Opportunities in the Agriculture Sector.

Agricultural opportunities
Agricultural opportunities

India’s total agriculture production has increased many times since independence. As population is growing in order to meet the needs of above farm production also increased agriculture accounts for over 18% of GDP so it is obvious that there are various opportunities for business in the agriculture sector.

According to components of agriculture sector let’s find the opportunities:

  1. Agri+culture= Agriculture, this means cultivation of the soil, raising crops and rearing livestock. It can be profitable as many areas has been brought under irrigation use of high grade of manures and fertilizers. Infact Agriculture insurance is also there which in turn reduces the risk of loss.
  2. Horti+culture= Horticulture, the art of growing vegetables, flowers and fruits for commercial use. As high-quality seeds are used, so this is like a gold mine as more emphasis is made on organic method and eco sensitive farming.
  3. Seri+culture=Sericulture, this science of commercial rearing of silkworms as this practice plants for profit. However, it involves careful management of resources to ensure optimal growth and profitability.
  4. Pisci+culture= Pisciculture, the commercial rearing of fish for human consumption. This art of breeding fish is done in specially constructed tanks and ponds. It plays significant role in providing sea food to meet global demand while also helping to conserve fish population.
  5. Viti+culture= Viticulture, the art of cultivation of grapes primarily for the production of wine. This cultivation is crucial for wine industry, as we know in terms of business it is very profitable. However it involves combination of science, art and tradition to achieve desires in terms of grapes quality and wine style.

Therefore by reading the components we understood that several growth opportunities are there in agriculture sectors. The government is also playing crucial role in enhancing the income of farmers and also taken various initiative across focus areas.


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