Krutrim India’s own AI Launches new app to rival Gemini and Chat GPT

App launch by Krutrim
App launch by Krutrim

Ola electric’s Bhavish Aggarwal has introduced Krutrim’s, new app on Saturday. It’s an android app to rival, Gemini and ChatGPT. Now GPU as a service.

This step of Bhavish Aggarwal is considered to be a significant development to the AI Sector. In addition to the app launch, it also has opened its cloud platform for enterprises, developers and researchers.

Bhavish Aggarwal stated, ” aligned with our PM’s vision of a developed India, we are committed to building comprehensive AI capabilities in the country. We believe that India needs its own technology platforms to facilitate the creation of World-class products at lower costs. With krutrim, our businesses and developers will no longer be reliant on complex and expensive western cloud platforms, which may not cater optimally to Indian needs. Our Krutrim assistant app will simplify AI integration into daily life, addressing the complexity often associated with digital tools and services.”

What this app is all about?

Using Maas (Model-as-a-service) and GPU (GPU-as-a-service) are going to help developers to design and create India-specific services and products as well as training and other service models.


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