Keys to Success

Keys to Success
Keys to Success
  • * It all starts with a DREAM and ends with ACHIEVEMENT. Dream and achievement are directly proportional as when you dream of becoming something, your mind builds an image of that position especially if you are creative and have good imagination power. ACHIEVEMENT comes from an EFFECTIVE DREAM.
  • * There are many basic things which if get noticed on time as the necessary part of life would magically convert a simple dream into an effective one. The dream can be seen while thinking consciously or while awakening the sub-conscious mind.
  • * Success comes to those who NEVER COMPLAIN. Inspite of all the obstacles, if your DETERMINATION is not shaken then only you would be able to fructify your dream.
  • * OBSTACLES and PROBLEMS are meant to come in your way.  RESOURCES are always scarce, let it be the question of economy, nation, business or manpower but its that HOW BEST YOU CAN UTILISE THE AVAILABLE RESOURCES.
  • * COMPARISON is something which if done in an healthy way can give the best result but if it overpowers you and your inner strength then it can be devastating. It could lead you towards jealousy and then you will ruin your relations with people as well. It should be avoided as much as possible.

So, one can always achieve what one wants provided right strategy is there and right steps are taken in right direction.


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