Is Deadly Cancer Disease Curable?

Cancer Treatment
Cancer Treatment

Cancer has been a fatal disease since the evolution of mankind. The survival rates are so low that the patient half dies even by the thought of being diagnosed. Scientists all over the world are doing varied kind of researches on its treatment. One such research has led to the concept of “Immunotherapy”.

The therapy uses the power of patient’s immune system against cancer cells. The basic idea is to use a virus against virus. It means injecting one kind of virus to reduce the effect of another kind of virus. It is like magic in which one powerful virus is used to kill another powerful cancer tumor. It is a classic example of “Survival of the Fittest”.

The first scientific attempt was made by two German physicians Fehleisen and Busch who noticed that after erysipelas infection in a patient, his tumor got reduced.Thereafter, significant advances were made by William Bradley Coley who is known as “Father of Immunotherapy”. He first tried this techniques in 1891 for treating bone cancer.

Recently, “City of Hope”, one of the largest cancer research and treatment organization in U.S.and “Immugene Limited” announced recently that they have dosed first patient with Oncolytic virus in Phase 1 trial against Solid Tumors. They have used the virus CF33-Hnis VAXINIA.

If this trial becomes successful, then it will be no less than a MIRACLE for all those suffering with this deadly disease. The next stage results are pending.


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