Investments according to types of industries


On the basis of the size and investments, industries can be divided into 3 categories

1. Cottage industry

2. Small scale industry

3. Large scale Industry

Cottage Industry: When a few people work and make things at home with simple tools and produce goods like handlooms, shoes, shawls blankets, baskets and toys etc. it is called a cottage industry. It requires a minimum of resources and investment.

Small scale industry: When more people work in a small factories and uses small machines and produce goods like hosiery garments, utensils, plastic goods, tools and small machines it is called a small scale industry, it requires more resources investment and men power than cottage industry.

Large scale industry: In a large industry huge machines with the latest technology and heavy investments are required it also requires 100 of workers along with the engineers and technicians. Textile, iron & steel, cement, automobile industries, railway engine, coach factories etc. are the example of the large scale industries.

There are also many factors which are required to set up these industries will discuss in the next article.


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