India to host 81st Annual General Meeting of IATA in 2025

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has announced that the well know airline Indigo will host 81st AGM of the Association in Delhi, India. This is a very good sign for Indian Aviation Industry considering the fact that India last hosted the AGM way back in the year 1983. The program is scheduled to be held from June 8 to June 10 in the year 2025.  

Our country has hosted various International Summits and programs in last decade which show India’s growing prominence in the world economy. Diplomacy is the key to help nations during the time of war or crisis. So, these international meetings play a very critical role in maintaining relations. The respect towards hosting nation automatically increases.

Few summits that were recently held in India are – ASEAN – India Connectivity Summit, International Conference on Ground Water, International Arogya, Global Summit on Wellness in Ayush, International Summit for Solar Alliance and G20 summit.

Willie Walsh, IATA’s Director General said – “We look forward to gathering the aviation industry in Delhi, India’s gateway city, for the 81st IATA AGM in 2025. It’s been over four decades since the industry came together for an IATA AGM in Delhi. With record aircraft orders, impressive growth, and world-class infrastructure developments, India is firmly on the trajectory to become the world’s third largest aviation market within this decade.  With such bright prospects, it’s the perfect time for the IATA AGM to return to India and witness these exciting developments first hand.”

These exciting words of the DG shows India’s hope in the Industry and in transport system as a whole.

Bhavya Taneja
Bhavya Taneja
Bhavya Taneja is a Practicing Company Secretary, speaker on various academic and non-academic topics and a writer. She has an experience of 8 years as a professional and 5 years as a faculty of Economics. She has authored a book of quotes called 'Crisp Talkings' and is actively involved in social welfare activities as well.

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