How to keep your business Healthy, Wealthy and Wise?

Business Guide
Business Guide

We already heard since childhood that we should keep ourselves as a living being, healthy, wealthy and wise. We should eat good food, take timely sleep and stay disciplines. Now, let us discuss how to keep our business healthy, wealthy and wise?

  • Healthy: In case of manufacturing organization, choosing the right raw material and modern technology machines for production. In case of trading, the products sold should be 100% genuine, while in service business, consciously hiring staff with right skills, and disciplined behavior and on top of it, conducting regular sessions for their skill upgradation. This will act as food for business, keep it healthy and customers will develop trust on the organization.
  • Wealthy: The trick to earn profits differ from business to business. It depends upon the type of industry, type of goods manufactures/traded. However, for service sector, whether it is for doctors, Company Secretary, Advocate or a Chartered Accountant, the rule is same. Client would pay more only if you are a dedicated professional, give timely delivery and be empathetic towards clients. Periodic cost cutting and reasonable pricing are the key for the other two. Also, once the product becomes brand, such as Aldo, Puma, the business can ask any price. So right branding is also the key to keep it wealthy.
  • Wise: There is one simple rule to staying wise. ¬†Taking Product Responsibility from its production to its disposal is the foremost part. Polluters Pay Principle also acts on this principle. On the other hand, for trading and service sector, they should properly dispose of the used stationary items, damage goods and other particles that can harm environment if thrown right away.

It is not tough to stay healthy, wealthy and wise provided that consistency is maintained. It applies to both living and non-living things.


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