Guidelines of communication


Continuation to the principal of communication-

*If green colour is there that means zero chances of misinterpretation.. yes the 4th ‘C’ is Concreteness concreteness in communication is related in such a way that anything which is communicated to receiver should be on point and specific.
For example: if you provide sales figure in office the facts and figures should be on point and specific.

*Yellow colour makes Rainbow complete as it makes Rainbow more beautiful so is related to communication yes the other ‘C’ is Completeness all necessary information should be complete in all respect without any complexities
For example: if we do online shopping we choose which fabric we want our size, price we need and the list will come which completes the same in all respect.

*Orange colour always shows respect to each other so the next ‘C’ of communication Courteousness in this principle of communication sendor should show respect to the receiver , should be polite, sincere, unbiased and positive.

*The most important colour in rainbow is a Red well the red colour without which we can’t imagine rainbow so the principle which we are just going to read is related to Logic yes that is Coherence without this principle of communication everything will become zero, as whatever we are sending or communicating it should be logical and with consistency.
For example: we should be aware of new laws and changes in any acts, if we are not aware of the same we are not logical and communication will become useless..

So these are the Rainbow or 7’c of communication which one should be aware and Clear.


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