Fast Food or Junk food is eating us


Indeed true, in today’s scenario we are not eating fast food but fast food is eating us. In this busy life people are more focused on eating food from the street rather than ‘Ghar ka khana’. Earlier people used to take tiffins to the office but nowadays if you notice they are more focused on street foods.
This food is harmful in many ways:

  1. Causes high cholesterol which in turn increases cardiovascular problems, kidney and liver damage, diabetes. These foods have negatively affect multiple areas of our body.
  2. Obesity in India is becoming a huge problem it is just because of wrong food habits. One of the studies reveals that 70% of the urban population in India is overweight and this is an alarming situation.
  3. Over eating of these foods also causes depression, research has shown that there is a link between junk food and risk of depression as they are not easy to digest and simultaneously causing irritation in behaviour.
  4. To enhance the taste of this type of foods many cancer causing things are used in these types of foods. Studies have estimated a 12.8% increase in the number of annual cancer cases by the year 2025, which would be around 1.57 million (as per data provided by Google).

So it’s better to stick to our old food values as they are the healthiest option we have..”Eating dal chawal makes the mood more happy than eating burgers and pizza”. So before going for junk food options remember the consequences you are going to face.


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