Ethical Fashion and its growing trend

Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion

In this growing age of environment protection, ethical fashion is the new way of business and of living. More consumers are moving towards this concept, thereby making more and more business owners to work towards it. One must remember that it is a new concept. During the stone-age, primitive man used leaves and naturally produced things to cover themselves.  They also wore ornaments but those made up of stones, leaves and used natural colors such as red color produced from iron caves. Although that was a very initial stage of ethical fashion.

Like technology, fashion has also evolved a lot since that era. Sustainable fashion is the new way out. So, let us discuss what is ethical fashion?

As we know that animals are often harmed while experimenting/manufacturing yarn, cosmetics and medicines. Ethical fashion is the way in which such side effects of manufacturing clothing. Herein, negative impact of manufacturing clothes on people, animals and planet is reduced. The first step here is to ethically choose the fabric and trace how it is sown and then converted to yarn. The whole supply chain from growing of cotton seeds to the final product which is sold in outlets is captured to check if there was any kind of harm to labor or environment. Secondly, its about textile dyes that can harm the labor using it and also people living around dyeing facilities. Dyes contain heavy chemicals like cadmium and lead. If dye waste is not properly managed, it will ultimately get dumped into rivers, thereby pollution water, air and water life. So, ethical fashion focuses on use of natural dyes for making clothes.

The main focus here is to reduce the level of pollution and labor harassment at every stage i.e. from procurement to manufacturing. For example- Hakea Swim is an environmentally and socially responsible swimwear company in Australia that is making headlines for being torch bearer of ethical fashion.


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