Business management : Essential skills of a successful business manager

Managing a business is not a child’s play, it requires a level of knowledge, hands on experience, insights and a very good team, yes, you’ve heard it right, a very good team.

So, apart from others required, the teambuilding and leading the team is the most important skill one can have in business management.

Overseeing core operations, administration of business affairs, supervision and training of staff and establishing an ecosystem of coordination and cooperation are the most important tasks of business management, and at last achievement of the objective of the organization.

Are business management and business administration being same? Interchangeable?

Let’s find out

Management part is more focused and concerned with the organizing and managing the resources of the organization and it’s people centric, whereas Administration is more about process and operations.

As a business manager what skills you must have, let’s have a close look at this:

  • Leadership ability

    This is the most important skill, for a business manager, a good leader knows the way, shows the way and goes the way, said Jhon C Maxwell, so if you want to become a good business manager, you must develop your leadership skills.

    A leader is empathetic, good listener, innovative, good decision maker, problem solver and an assistant to his team maker. You can start with good listening and by becoming an assistant to your team members.

    • Empathy

    A good business manager is empathetic, he can read the mind of others, more particularly of his team mates, and subordinates.

    One must learn and understand, that an organization is a mix of cultures, and people have different abilities and talents, they might be different in their educational backgrounds and they might have different believe, ethics and communication style. So a good manager has to make a good balance while dealing with them, and empathy plays a very important role in this. 

    • Teaching ability

    A good business manager must have teaching abilities, as he has to engage with the process of staff training, learning and development.

    He has to deal with the trainers, HR managers and other persons involved in the process of staff training and development.

    • Communication skills

    A good business manager has to be good at communication skills as he has to train, motivate and inspire his team.

    He has to communicate the business objectives, roles and responsibilities to his team members. He has to negotiate deals, and resolve conflicts arises between people in the organization, a good communication skill can play a very important role while dealing with these matters and a good business manager must improve and develop his communication skill.

    • Accountability

    Accountability is a trait, which makes business managers an epitome of their field.

    A business manager must learn what is an accountability and how to be responsible wherever they are, whatever role they are in, whatever function they are performing, they must remain responsible and accountable.

    A team follows the actions and even non-actions of its leader, a good business manager must become an example to his team.

    Anupam Jaiswal
    Anupam Jaiswal
    Anupam Jaiswal is a Certified professional, corporate trainer, motivational speaker and a business coach. He is the founder of Multiple ventures including AJ Leadership academy and Shrie Campus LLP. Anupam is having 20+ years of a rich experience of working with corporate, institutions and government bodies. He also acted as a CS and compliance office in a Mumbai based listed company and headed ICSI, Lucknow chapter as secretary and chairman. and now in whole time practice, and consultants to corporate including Success My Business.

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