Employees and the Assets of Company – Unveiling the age old journey

Employer Employee Relationship
Employer Employee Relationship

The rift between employers and employees has been a matter of debate for a long time now. Who is correct in their demands is always judged from different prospective. While on one hand, employers want their employees to work for them with full dedication, honesty and work as per their command, on the other hand, employees expect good remuneration, work life balance and independence in working. How to bridge this gap has been the age old question.

So, let us discuss few key points through which this gap can be slowly reduced, although it can never be completely fulfilled considering changing human needs with changing times.

  • Every employer should take their employees as an asset. “Labor” in economics is one of the four factors of production. So, employers should not differentiate between artificial non-living assets of balance sheet and human assets.
  • The way other assets depreciate, human working capabilities also depreciate with passing time so employers should respect that. Such as merely because an employee has crossed the age of 40, the employer should not ask them to leave. In fact, the opposite can be done, their experience can be utilized for the benefit of organization. Of course, their running capability would not be as high as a 25 year old employee.
  • Just like other assets need maintenance, so does employees. Organizations must organize periodic sessions on team work, sports, celebrating birthday every month, rewarding them and training them on new age skills such as Artificial Intelligence. In this way, they will keep feeling fulfilled and the honestly that employers is expecting out of them would always remain present. There may still be few exceptions but an average employee would give even better results.

So, considering employees as an asset instead of liability is the first step that every employer should take. Thereafter, if an organization starts to feel that it has to maintain a healthy long-term relationship with its employees, then the other efforts would automatically come through.


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