Cyber Awareness
cyber awareness

The risks related to cyber security have become so prevalent now-a-days that even the biggest IT Companies and big Ratna companies of India have to keep undertaking periodic checks to see if everything is alright in their system and there is no data theft. No matter how protective the firewall system is, hackers often find ways to attack. Hence, it is very important for every individual, either working in an organization or a student making projects on their computer or an independent professional having their office to stay aware and vigilant against cyber threats.
Considering this point, few most common direct and indirect cyber-attacks are
mentioned herein below:
 Password attack- This happens in case of weak passwords. The hacker can
easily get your passwords of email, social networking sites etc. Hence, always
use alphanumeric passwords and keep changing them periodically. Also, it is
better not to keep changing the devices of login.
 Phishing attack- It is one of the most prominent attacks. It is a type of social engineering attack in which the attacker impersonates a trusted contact. They may send malicious emails or links through emails. Hence, while opening an email, one should carefully check the spelling and language to see if it is a genuine email.

 Malware attack- In this case, various types of viruses like Trojan virus,
ransomware, spyware and worms attack the computer system or mobile
phone. To stay protected against these, good quality antivirus should always
run in the system. Also, periodic updating of applications and windows is
 Insider threat- Sometimes an insider of the organization leaks the information
to an outsider for greed, money or any other favour or even under force.
These threats are hard to predict as the organization may not doubt the
trusted one. So organizations should keep training employees to stay aware
and assure them best help.
 Spamming- There is ‘spam’ feature in every email. So, if the user keeps
receiving repeated emails from same email id that they cannot recognize, they can enter that email under spam. Spamming is the oldest way of attach in which the attacker keeps sending emails so that the user clicks at least one of them.
Apart from the above given, now, with the help of Artificial Intelligence,
hackers are able to use new methods such as impersonation of voice of a
known person to ask money, sending text message or messages through social networking websites asking for money or tampering with ATMs to withdraw money from user’s account etc.

Hence, the only key to stay protected is to stay cautious and approach any
incoming message, call or email with complete awareness. Directly contacting
the known one and asking them about the message is also one way to stay


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