“Champion Award” for Mobile Application

There are so many live examples that show how India is rapidly progressing technologically. From the use of robotics to other Artificial Intelligence means to advanced computer language, we are innovating new ways of living. In this sequence, Indian Research and Development Wing of Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) has won the “Champion” Award for the project “Mobile-Enabled Disaster Resilience through Cell Broadcast emergency Alerting”.

This Summit was held from 29th May to 31st May, 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland. C-DOT along with two other startups from India viz. DeepVision Tech and Nayancom demonstrated various kinds of AI based solutions in the conference. Nayancom is working on projects to process data for improved road safety. On the other hand, DeepVision is working on automatic sign language to help deaf and speech impaired people.

The award won by C-DOT is under ‘Benefits in all aspects of life – E-environment’ category. We all surely know what this project that won is all about.

We must have noticed that since last 1 year or so we are receiving alerts about upcoming earthquake or bad weather conditions or heat strokes few hours before the event actually happens. It has helped us in getting prepared for such unfortunate circumstances. C-DOT has worked with Department of Telecommunications to provide this data before hand to every cell phone user. Now this project has become very popular throughout the world. This all shows how fast scientists and technical experts of our country are working. All this shows that the day of India becoming a developed economy is not so far.

Bhavya Taneja
Bhavya Taneja
Bhavya Taneja is a Practicing Company Secretary, speaker on various academic and non-academic topics and a writer. She has an experience of 8 years as a professional and 5 years as a faculty of Economics. She has authored a book of quotes called 'Crisp Talkings' and is actively involved in social welfare activities as well.

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