Air India terminated employees on medical leave


Air India has taken strict action against its employees, company has given termination letter to medical leave employees. They collectively took medical leave, a large number of cabin crew staff have given information regarding their illness because of which 86 flights were cancelled after this announcement, reduction in flight operations was done by Air India, however how many employees were affected from this termination is unknown.
The company also issued a letter regarding this and also said that :”Your act is not only subversive of public interest, but also caused embarrassment, severe reputational damage, and serious monetary loss to the company,”.

This incidence has happened many times, not the first time. So passengers should know there rights regarding this:

  1. If there is any delay in flight, airline company should provide any alternative flight or should refund ticket amount.
  2. If the passenger has to wait for any alternative flight then airlines will be responsible for food and drinks.
  3. If the flight is scheduled for next day then in this situation airlines will be responsible for the accommodation of passengers in hotel.
  4. If the plane’s flight is delayed by more than three hours the flight will be assumed cancelled and amount should be refunded.
  5. In case of flight delay after boarding, passengers will be able to deboard the flight. If the flight is delayed the real time should be updated on airlines website, passengers should be informed through whatsapp, SMS or email.


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