Success Story of Indian Brand “Baggit”

The founder of “Baggit’ brand Nina Lekhi’s story is no less than walking on the moon. It is an inspiration for not only women but all entrepreneurs. How she converted her struggles into well driven opportunity seems to be no less than a miracle. So, hard work and perseverance, as we all know, is the key in the case as well.

In continuation to our previous analysis of the energy drink “Redbull”, today we are taking up the topic of exceptional success of the multi facet bags bbrand “Baggit”.

  1. Starting with the humble start at the age of 18 with meagre Rs. 7,000/-, she has now established a brand of Rs. 111 crore.
  2. She has tried to maintain work-life balance all throughout her journey. This is unlike many entrepreneurs, who often forget their family during the brand making process. More so, because she is a women, she had to perform multiple roles at home alongside being a team leader.
  3. If we talk about Nina’s personality, she was always a meritorious student. However, it is her failure during first year of her college that shook her to such an extent that she converted it into this successful empire.
  4. Unlike other companies, which sourced material for manufacturing from other countries, she used completely India made raw material in her bags. Plus the same is vegan which gave her a niche in the market.
  5. She has actually converted her passion for different kind of bags into business.
  6. The company’s vision was very clear since the beginning. It aspired to grow 10 times in 10 years which it achieved.
  7. In order to market her product, she first of all presented them in exhibitions and kept them at few high brand retail stores. Then, she organized her own exhibitions. Finally after many challenges, she got to collaborate with multi brand stores like “Shopper’s Stop” which gave her brand a new identity.
  8. Moreover, no one can refuse that the name of the brand is itself very eye catchy and easy to pronounce.
  9. With changing trends, the business also changed its way of marketing. Now, one can easily order a “Baggit” purse, sling, tote, clutch or wallet through online websites.

Today, the brand has over 360 stock-keeping units in handbags, 360 SKUs in wallets, 70 SKUs in mobile pouches and more than 10 franchised stores. All of this actually gives a lesson that if one can dream, one can achieve.

Bhavya Taneja
Bhavya Taneja
Bhavya Taneja is a Practicing Company Secretary, speaker on various academic and non-academic topics and a writer. She has an experience of 8 years as a professional and 5 years as a faculty of Economics. She has authored a book of quotes called 'Crisp Talkings' and is actively involved in social welfare activities as well.

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