Is lacking communication skill becoming a hurdle in your growth as an employee

We all know that communication has a vital role in becoming successful in your field. Communication is not a one way process but it is a two way process means you can say your thoughts in a good communicative manner and others stand it with a clear vision.

Well how does it become a hurdle in your growth? It is just because you are not practising it, we all know that communication is an art which can be done by practicing, in an office if we see that those who have less calibre are more successful just because they have good communicative skills and you have not. So let’s discuss how you can improve this:

  1. As I earlier said, communication is an art so practicing it will make you perfect. Practice it such that you can learn from the person you see or follow in your life who is a good communicator or if you don’t follow any such people watch some good speeches or conversations which will help you to improve.
  2. Be confident in your conversation don’t hesitate while talking, sometimes lack of confidence is the reason for the lack of communication.
  3. Be ready to take initiative, it happens that because if you don’t have good communication skills you lose a project however without doubt you may be a good leader, but making everyone to work in your leadership the communication is a key.
  4. If you want to improve your communication then active listening is an important point to make yourself grow in a company. Being a good listener makes you understand the value and then reaction will be valuable.

So these are some points which will help you to improve your communication skills that will help you to grow as a successful employee.
In the next article we will discuss the importance of non verbal communication.

Saamra Rizvi
Saamra Rizvi
Saamra Rizvi is a Communication expert, and trainer. She is a CS, and Law graduate from Lucknow University. She is a speaker in ICSI (Institiute of Company secretary) . Given various soft skill session in Lucknow ITI. In the pandemic situation she also provided online skill session to various entities. She is also attached to a children educational institute and support children with her skills .

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